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Borderlands Oc-Damon The Voodooist by SeDivisum Borderlands Oc-Damon The Voodooist :iconsedivisum:SeDivisum 0 0 Damon The Voodooist (rough) by SeDivisum Damon The Voodooist (rough) :iconsedivisum:SeDivisum 0 0 New Year's Resolution by SeDivisum New Year's Resolution :iconsedivisum:SeDivisum 0 4 Self-Portrait Of Me by SeDivisum Self-Portrait Of Me :iconsedivisum:SeDivisum 0 0
Silver Shovels
Our Tongues Are Like Silver Shovels
Each Lie Digs Us Deeper Into The Ground.
And As We Keep Lying, Keep Digging
We Go Further, And Further Down.
At First, It's Just A Couple Of Inches
Not Even Two Full Feet.
But then, Our Lies Become Bigger
We Perfect Our Digging Technique.
And When We Finally Look Up To See Our Handiwork
All Around Us Are Walls Of Dirt.
We No Longer See The Light Of Truth
Just The Faces Of Those Our Lies Have Hurt.
We Cannot Climb Back Up, For Our Work Is Delicate
One Wrong Move, And We Are Buried In Ground.
No, There Is No Help From Above
We Can Only Keep Digging Down.
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Adventures With Goat: Chapter 2
Adventures With Goat: A Journey Through Vice and Virtue
Demonic Kitchenware Saves the Day
"I'd suggest a coat," said Goat as he was rummaging through the refrigerator.  Every so often, he would throw a random food item that, he believed, would be necessary for survival at Taren.  "It will get cold eventually, and when it's not cold you can fill it Twinkies!"
"Goat," said Taren, packing his own supply of necessities in a backpack.  "I really don't think that Twinkies would be necessary for, say, the end of the world."
"Now, now," said Goat, who was fumbling with a bottle of barbecue sauce.  "You can't count out the power of Twinkies just yet. They last forever, can stand up against the awesome forces of nature, and are an amazing weapon against possessed people."
Taren did not agree with the last statement.  "Possessed people?  I doubt a cream-filled sponge cake can beat a demon."
"You mock the Twinkie, but the Twinkie can, and
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Ancient Blue Nuzlocke Chapter 2
Ancient Blue Nuzlocke
Chapter 2
Usually Taren was more alert, taking notice of things before they take notice of him, but even he didn't expect to get robbed on Route One so early.  He was embarrassed by how easily the Rattatta robbed him.  It went like this.
"Hey, wait up," Taren heard a voice call at him from behind.  He turned to see a Rattatta running at full speed towards him.  "I need to tell you something!"
"Huh," said Taren, moments before he was kneed in the stomach.  The air was knocked out of him, and he fell to the ground.  The Rattatta quickly pounced on Taren, searched him, and made his escape.  "Don't trust strangers," he yelled as he ran off.
  As Taren got back up, still struggling to breathe, he realized that both the Pokédex and necklace were missing.  "Dammit, get back here," Taren rasped, sprinting towards the Rattatta.  Even without much air in his lungs, Taren
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Ancient Blue Nuzlocke Chapter One
Ancient Blue Nuzlocke
Chapter 1
The man strolled through Pallet Town, a weathered brown cloak covering his face and body.  Villagers, mostly Pidgeys and Rattattas, stared at him as he walked to where Prof. Oak, the senile Blastoise and former ruler of Kanto, worked.  As he neared the door to Prof. Oak's laboratory, he took of his cloak, not wanting the dirt from travel to disturb the former king, and caused quite a shock to the citizens of Pallet Town.  Their shock was perfectly reasonable, as the man was on fire.  Well, not completely on fire, just his tail.  The fire distracted most of the villagers from the man's beauty.  He was probably about 15 and was short, just a bit under 5 feet.  His eyes were blue and stern, and his face wore a natural frown.  Between his shoulder blades a spike protruded, crimson red, the same color as his tail.  His skin was nicely tanned, a copper-like color, and com
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Adventures With Goat: Chapter 1
Adventures with Goat: A Journey Through Vice and Virtue
Pig + Cow = Goat?
Being chased by cannibals was not how Taren wanted spend his afternoon.  He also didn't want to spend it with Goat, who was contemplating about how throwing barbecue sauce on Taren beforehand was not a good idea.  
Pause: Confused?  Perhaps I should rewind back to this morning, to explain things.
Taren awoke to the annoying beeping of his alarm clock.  He slammed his hand on the snooze button and rolled over, trying to get a few more winks of sleep.  Then he saw the demon in his bed.
"Good morning sleepy head," the demon yawned.  It belched a black cloud right into Taren's face.
Taren reacted the appropriate way.  "Holy crap," Taren shouted as he shot out of bed.  His messy brown hair stuck up like a scared cat, revealing wide amber eyes in complete shock.  He was sprawled out on the floor trying to make sense of things, whe
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New Perspective
Before 9/11, I Thought The U.S. Was An Eagle,
Soaring In The Endless Skies.
After 9/11,  I Realize The U.S. Is A Phoenix,
Coming Back To Life After It Dies.
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So a couple of weeks ago I was asked if I did pot.  Yeah.  Not the best way to start a story, but it's true.  I was in school eating lunch with two of my friends, who shall remain nameless,  just enjoying food, when a guy at the other end of the table I was at asked me if I did pot.  Now, being the totally innocent and naive angel of a man that I am, this caught me off guard.  I mean, that's not usual eating conversation.  So after getting over my initial shock, I gave the whole "I don't do drugs" speech and asked him why he asked me that.  He replied quite simply that I was wearing a drug rug, and thought I did drugs.

For those of you who don't know, which included me at the time, a drug rug is slang term for a baja coat, which is like a hoodie version of a poncho that I do believe originated in Mexico or somewhere like that.  Apparently it was a pretty popular piece of clothing for hippies and junkies back in the day.  But not one being who follows fashion, I bought the baja coat because "it looked awesome", which is pretty much the reason for all the clothing I buy.  Which is very little.  I don't follow fashion.

But anyway, like I said, he told me that because I wore the baja coat, he assumed I did drugs, and this rubbed me the wrong way (in a totally non-sexual fashion).  The guy didn't know anything about me, we had never talked before, and just because of the clothes on my back, he assumed I did drugs.  That's just, I don't know, mean.  Anyway, I told the guy again that-"No. I don't do pot."-but I don't think he believed me.  Oh well, I guess that's just life.  After all, if the clothes make the man, it makes it so much easier to judge him.



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